The Power Of Cognitive Boost Technology eSmartr Sleev
How Cognitive Boost Technology™ Works
The proprietary Cognitive Boost Technology™ (CBT) pattern embedded inside every Sleev activates receptors in the skin that trigger a neural response in the brain - resulting in scientifically proven amplified cognitive abilities. Discover enhanced concentration and memory, heightened decision making, increased stamina, accelerated reaction times, and an improved sense of clarity and calm.
eSmartr's Dr. Joe Baldino, DC explains the benefits of Cognitive Boost Technology™
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eSmartr Sleev Clinical Study
At eSmartr, we've worked with neuroscience leaders at The Applied Neuroscience Research Institute to test, record and validate the positive results of Cognitive Boost Technology.  Using a combination of FDA cleared 19-channel QEEG headsets and NeuroGuide™ clinical brain mapping software, the gold standard used by the the military, universities and medical institutions worldwide, 20 subjects were observed with and without the eSmartr Sleev.  Through a variety of brain scans, we are able to document incredible results after wearing the technology for only a 20 minute time period.See the clinical white paper studies from Dr. Robert W. Thatcher, Ph.D. and The Applied Neuroscience Research Institute  Click Here
Executive Function
Executive Function is a complex set of cognitive skills that enables a person to engage in an activity and see it through to completion.  The three main areas of Executive Function include Working Memory, Cognitive Flexibility and Inhibitory Self-Control. 
Attention Network
Attention is defined as the active direction of the mind to an object. The Attention Network encompasses more than 20 sites within the cortex. What this means is whether it is a student in class, someone tasked with project work or someone playing their favourite game, by optimizing performance in the Attention Network with Cognitive Boost Technology.....
Memory Network
Working Memory refers to the ability to encode, maintain and manipulate multiple pieces of information for a short period of time in a changing environment. The effects of positively impacting the neural networks and related brain waves of Working Memory is really the fountain of youth. The possiblities for help people of all
Information Flow
Effective connectivity is what we are talking about when we reference Information Flow. This measures the direction and magnitude of the flow of collected data travelling between two locations. Recent research shows that enhanced Information Flow actually correlates to higher IQ. .
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This is a game changer for education, learning, gaming and sports. Imagine, wearing the Sleev you are actually able to reach your true cognitive potential without drugs and without electricity
ages with Cognitive Boost Technology are limitless.
they can stay focused on a task longer with a heightened ability to ignore distractions and without fatigue. This leads to improved productivity and results.
With Cognitive Boost Technology, you can optimize performance in all of these areas leading to improved learning from an educational standpoint as well as performance in gaming.